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Delicate, handmade French Macarons

Paying homage to the delicate French confectionary, the macaron. 
From classic flavours like Vanilla and Chocolate, to seasonal and creative ones like blueberries cheesecake or lavender, Julie is dedicated to pleasing your taste buds!

Macarons can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days and can be frozen for even longer storage

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JG Macarons

JG Macaron is owned and operated by Julie. Originally from Alsace, France, Julie has been in Scotland for over 20 years. 

Her professional career has always been in Hospitality however baking was never far. Many years ago (we cannot say how many) she went to visit her sister in Paris and discovered macarons in the best Patisserie (in her eyes).

Back in Edinburgh and following a good friend's visit, she was gifted the Macarons book and the rest is history.

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“In a Cookie Cutter World,
  Be a Macaron.” 

Buying For A Special Occasion?

Order handmade Macarons today

Share the love and give every one of your guests a bite sized treat! 

Perfect for weddings, Birthday parties, baby shower and other private events.

We can do the hard work and provide elegantly boxed handmade delights that can cater for a variety of requirements or provide them in larger boxes to be used at your convenience.

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Our Macarons
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